Before You Begin

Some things to get ready before diving into the console.

Getting Started

To start, you will need to have taken a few steps. Read the below and if you are ready to proceed, then you can click on the link to the Shipium Console Overview below.

Signing up with Shipium

If your company has already signed up with Shipium, skip this step.

If not, you will need to get started by integrating Shipium for your company by emailing us at [email protected].

Getting a login.

Depending on your organization's configuration, you may be able to request a login from the login screen by clicking on the "Request Access" link, which will let you enter your email address and request a specific level of access. See Log-in and Password Reset for more details on the login screen.

In all cases, you can talk to one of your organization's Shipium Administrators to get access at the appropriate level to your organization's Shipium account.

Creating Shortcuts

Once you log in and have gotten to a page to which you later want to return, you can create a standard bookmark in your browser of choice. Information needed to return back to the same report or application with the same settings is stored in the URL to make it easy to return back to your favorite Shipium applications.

For Advanced Users

If you use Shipium associated in conjunction with more than one Partner, you can store links to reports on a per-Partner basis.