Shipium Console Overview

An Introduction to the major parts of the Shipium Console

Shipium Console Organization

Let's start by reviewing the basic layout of the Shipium Console, no matter what part of the application you are using or what your role is.


Top Navigation

The Top Navigation is how you determine where you are, which Partner you are looking at and gives you access to some common tools.

The Sidebar

The Sidebar is where you will navigate through the different components of Shipium. It provides quick, grouped access to settings, various reports and other applications that are part of your company's Shipium account.

The Body

This is the main event! The body is where the actual work gets done. If you load a report, this is where it appears. If you are using an application, this is where you will use it. In short, this is the part of the screen where you will spend most of your time while using Shipium applications.