Introduction to Common Shipium Terms

You may already know many of the following terms, but they are worth briefly reviewing in case they are either new to you or if we use them in a slightly different way than your or your organization do.

Partner or "Partner Company" A company to whom Shipium provides services. Most likely this includes your company since you are reading this document.
Customer or "Partner Customer" A customer of a Shipium Partner, most likely an online retail customer.
Product A product represents the set of properties associated with an item that Customers can purchase. A product generally has a SKU or ISBN or UPC or other unique identifier associated with it.
Item An item is an actual physical version of a Product out in the world. Customers click "Buy" on a Product page but receive an Item in a shipping package.
Customer Order A customer order is the set of products that a customer purchases together at checkout.
Customer Shipment A customer shipment is the set of products that are sent in a single box with a single tracking number to a customer.

A customer shipment may contain all of one or more orders, part of one or more orders or any combination thereof. In most cases, a single customer shipment likely contains all of a single customer order.
Package We will sometimes use the term package interchangeably with customer shipment and sometimes to refer to the actual physical box, envelope or other shipping container.