Shipium Carrier Selection Applications

Shipium Carrier Selection Applications


In addition to the Carrier & Method Selection APIs, there are several applications to set up new shipping carriers or ship methods, manage rate changes, temporarily disable certain carrier methods and other useful functionality.

Below we will provide a brief overview of each piece of functionality and a link to where you can get into the details.

Shipium Carrier Selection Configuration

An overview of the three major pieces of configuration related to carrier selection:

  1. Carrier Configuration
  2. Label Configuration
  3. Packaging Configuration

Go to Shipium Carrier Selection Configuration.

Adding a Carrier Account

An overview of the process of adding a new carrier account. A carrier account represents a particular relationship and shipping account with the carrier. Some carriers and organizations may only have one such account per carrier, while others may have accounts per region or even per fulfillment center.

Go to Shipium Carrier Selection: Adding a Carrier Account.

Adding a Carrier Service Method

This page leads you through the process of adding a new carrier service method (e.g. UPS Ground) under one of your carrier accounts.

Go to Shipium Carrier Selection: Adding a Carrier Service Method.

Adding or Updating a Rate Table

After you have set up a given carrier service method, you will need to add a new rate table to reflect your rates. This page will give you instructions for how to set the rates that you have gotten from your carrier.

Similarly, when you negotiate new rates, you can use this same page to set new rates for the timeframe in which the new rates will be active.

Go to Shipium Carrier Selection: Adding a Rate Table.

Setting Service Method Surcharge Modifiers

Depending on the nature of your contract with different carriers, you may have negotiated discounts or waivers for certain surcharges. This page will show you how to configure or update these surcharges.

Go to Shipium Carrier Selection: Setting Surcharge Modifiers.

Shipping Label Configuration

Before you can start printing labels, you will need to enter some information about how labels are printed at each of your fulfillment centers. This page will walk you through the process of setting up label configurations.

Go to Shipium Carrier Selection: Label Configuration.

Shipping Label Augmentations

This page will walk you through the process of creating or adding shipping label customizations on a per-carrier and ship method basis if that is something that is needed for your business.

Go to Shipium Carrier Selection: Adding Label Augmentations.

Configuring Shipping Package Sizes

Set up the boxes, envelopes and other containers you use to ship product from your warehouses. If you are using our package selection system, your configured package sizes will be used when selecting a package size. If you are using carrier selection, you can pass packageIds in place of populating the details for package size each time.

Go to Shipium Carrier Selection: Configuring Package Sizes.