Shipium Console Top Navigation

Top Navigation Overview

The Top Navigation is a common element in many online applications and works similarly to what you might expect having seen similar elements. We will give a quick overview however, as there are some useful pieces of the Top Navigation that may not be immediately obvious.

The Breadcrumb

The Breadcrumb appears in the top-left of the console and gives you critical context as you move throughout Shipium Applications.

Here's a sample using the Shipium test Partner, Just Great Cables.


Top Nav BreadCrumb

The Breadcrumb appears in the top left of the Navigation element and shows you two important pieces of information.

  1. The Breadcrumb tells you which Application you are currently using. In this case, you can see that we are at the Dashboard.
  2. The Breadcrumb reminds you which Partner's data you are viewing. For most of our users, this goes without saying, but we do have some users who have access to more than one Partner's Shipium Consoles.

Top Navigation Widgets

At the top right of every Shipium Application, you will see the Top Navigation Widgets which provide quick access to common items that you are likely to need outside of the context of any particular Application that you happen to be using.

We will go through them from left to right.


Top Nav Widgets

Search Widget

First up is the Search Widget, which appears as a small magnifying glass (:mag:) and is the leftmost of the Widgets in the Top Navigation. This element is meant to help you quickly navigate to other Applications by letting you search for them instead of using the Shipium Console Sidebar or a saved link.

You can access the Search Widget either by clicking on it or typing the key sequence control-K (command-K on a Mac) for quick access. Either clicking it or typing the key sequence will bring open a search entry into which you can start typing what you are searching for, as you see in the following screenshot.


Top Nav Search Widgets

When you start typing into the Search Field that appears, you will see suggestions that appear as you type. You can either click on one of these suggestions with your mouse or use the arrow keys to navigate to your selection and press Enter. Doing so will immediately open the page that you have selected.

Notification Widget

Some Shipium Applications can publish Notifications, which are short notifications or messages, generally related to activity happening behind the scenes that you may want to know about. Some simple examples might include if you have a Task that you have been assigned or if a long-running Report that you started has completed.


Top Nav Notification Elements

When you click on the Notification Widget, the Notification Drawer will open and show you any notifications in detail. You can clear notifications that you have seen either one-by-one or clear all notifications at once – say after you return from vacation!

Account Widget


Top Nav Account Widget

The Account Widget is where you will find information related to your account. There are three primary elements in this widget that you will use.

  1. Link to Account Settings – This link takes you to a page that allows you to change your personal settings, see what permissions you have and other related information.
  2. Partner – If you belong to more than one Shipium organization, then this is where you can switch between accounts.
  3. Logout – If you wish to log out of your Shipium account on the current computer for any reason, clicking this button will do so.

Language Widget


Top Nav Language Widget

Clicking or hovering on the Language widget will bring open the set of supported languages and enable you to change the language of the content of the site. Please note that some data specific to your organization may not be translated – only elements of the user interface.