Shipium Shipment Tracking API Overview

Track your organization's shipments consistently using a single API.

About the Shipium Shipment Tracking API

A critical aspect of your customers' ecommerce experience is the way that you provide them with updates on the current status of their package. This might be via email, text, company website, mobile app, or even a customer service agent.

Directing customers to a shipping carrier's site can often be frustrating for them. It also reduces the opportunities for you to send them marketing and customized messages.

Enter the Shipium Shipment Tracking API.

Instead of trying to integrate with multiple outdated carrier application programming interfaces (APIs), Shipium's solution enables your organization to easily integrate with a single API and provide the customer experience you need.

Your customers will appreciate using the faster and more integrated information you'll be able to provide on your website for customers and in messages you send them.

How it works

The Shipium Shipment Tracking API takes a carrier identifier (ID) in addition to one or more carrier tracking IDs for that carrier, and conducts a boolean query to either request (a) the current status of the package(s), or (b) the current package status along with a full package tracking history.

The API then returns the latest details and (optionally) requested historical details.


We do our best to simplify differences between carrier messaging by providing consistent high-level concepts on top of carrier-specific messaging. This makes it easier for your organization to opt to show your customers a single consistent message regardless of carrier used for any particular shipment.

In addition, the API provides a consistent representation of history for each outbound carrier so that a single package history user interface (UI) can be built across all carriers for your organization to improve your customer experience.

You can use webhooks to be notified automatically of tracking event updates

For an even more convenient tracking option, webhooks are a way to be notified automatically of tracking event updates. This method eliminates the need to repeatedly call the Carrier Tracking Search API to check a tracking event status.

Driven by events instead of requests, a webhook enables one program to transmit data to another program when an event takes place.

For steps to register a webhook, see Using Webhooks to Automatically Receive Tracking Updates.

Next steps

Check out Carrier Tracking Search API Details for the full details of the API.