Configuration API Overview

Learn how to use the Shipium Configuration APIs to modify critical components of your network configuration.

About the Configuration API

For certain power users of the Shipium application programming interfaces (APIs), the set of Configuration APIs provides a more convenient way to manage your organization's network fulfillment configuration. You may consider your organization a power user if you make frequent configuration changes either because you work with many "drop ship" style fulfillment centers or warehouses, or because your organization supports a wide array of your own customers.

The Configuration APIs enable your organization to modify critical components of your Shipium configuration from within your software using the API call endpoints listed in this documentation.


Warning: potential negative impact on your fulfillment operations

These APIs can modify elements of your organization's network fulfillment configuration in ways that could negatively impact the production of your fulfillment operations. You should only use them if you are familiar with how any changes you make could affect your network fulfillment configuration.

Using the Configuration APIs

The Configuration APIs allow your organization to manage the configuration of your Shipium account and assets within, including Origins, Schedules, Tenants, and other elements of your configuration that are used for fulfillment operations as part of other Shipium API calls, Shipium applications, and Shipium reporting tools.

The following table includes descriptions for and links to each component of the Configuration APIs for more specific guidance on using each one.

Configuration API componentDescription
Origin Configuration APIAPI for creating and configuring network fulfillment origins such as warehouses or fulfillment centers
Origin Schedule Configuration APIAPI for creating and configuring network fulfillment origin schedules
Tenant Configuration API
API for creating and configuring network fulfillment tenants

A note on authentication


Authentication for API calls

In the cURL examples for each Configuration API component, the environment variable AUTHSTRING is used to handle authorization. The recipe below shows how to set it correctly for both API Key and OAuth users.

General call pattern for all APIs

All of the example API calls and responses for each Configuration API component include shortened details to provide the HTTP method used (e.g., POST) and the path, including any elements to be replaced with variables with curly braces around them ({replaceMe}). The data to be passed into the API is always expressed in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). A sample body and a sample response are provided for each API, where applicable.

Any optional parameters that can be passed (e.g., via <<api_url>>/api/v1/shipment/123-456-789?optionalParameter=paramValue) are also specified.

If you're testing using Client Uniform Resource Locator (cURL) or similar, the call pattern for all of them is as follows. This example is a POST, but the general pattern applies to GET, DELETE, and PUT as well.

A brief introduction to cURL can be found here if needed.

curl --request POST \
  --url <<api_url>>/api/v1/shipment/carrierselection/label \
  --header 'accept: application/json' \
  --header $AUTHSTRING \
  --header 'content-type: application/json' \
  --data '{"currencyCode": "usd", "generateLabel": true, "labelParameters": {"testMode": true,"currencyCode": "usd", "labelFormats": ["ZPL"], "manifest": true, "includeLabelImagesInResponse": true  }, "shipmentParameters": {"partnerShipmentId": "myCustomPartnerShipmentId123", "shipiumShipmentId": "49cf130d-b297-4c12-aa7d-82ea80208fde", "orderedDateTime": "2019-10-29T09:12:33.123456Z", "shippedDateTime": "2019-11-01T12:11:33Z", "shipOption": "Standard", "shipmentTags": ["string"], "destinationAddress": {"addressType": "residential", "name": "Wile E. Coyote", "company": "ACME", "street1": "123 Warehouse St.", "street2": "Suite 42", "city": "Albuquerque", "state": "NM", "countryCode": "US", "postalCode": "87121"}, "orderItemQuantities": [{"productDetails": ["ormd", "lio"], "productId": "PRODUCTID001", "quantity": 3      }], "packagingType": {"packagingTypeId": "cf3daf7d-6fca-46c2-9d9e-30a476dcc1e4"}, "totalWeight": {"weight": 6.58, "weightUnit": "lb"}, "shipFromAddress": {"addressType": "commercial", "city": "Albuquerque", "company": "ACME", "countryCode": "US", "name": "Wile E. Coyote", "postalCode": "87121", "state": "NM", "street1": "123 Main St.", "street2": "Suite 42"}}}'