Creating API Credentials


This section describes how create, activate and validate access keys.


You need Administrator permission to use the procedures in this section.


Authentication IDs and Secrets cannot be retrieved if lost

In order to keep your organization's data secure, the ID and Secret created for authentication for each key are displayed once and cannot be retrieved again. No Shipium employee or system has these values – only the ability to cryptographically validate them.

Creating an access key

  1. In the menu, select Configure > Access Keys. This displays the window shown below. Initially the OAuth Clients tab is selected:

OAuth Clients Tab on Access Keys Page

  1. If you want to create an OAuth 2.0 access key, click Create Oauth Client and skip to step 5.
  2. If you want to create an API Key-based access key, select the API Keys tab. This is shown below:

API Keys Tab on Access Keys Page

  1. Click Create Key.
    The following steps apply to both key types.
  2. In the Create Key dialog, enter a meaningful name for the key.
    Many companies create multiple keys for different parts of their organization or different software use cases, and these names can help keep track of a key's purpose.

Entering a key name

  1. Click Create. The dialog shown below is displayed. It shows the ID and Secret you will use for authentication to access the APIs.
  2. Click the Download button and save these somewhere secure. They are only visible once and cannot be retrieved after this, even by Shipium.

Access Key ID and Secret displayed in a dialog

  1. Click Got it to return to the initial tab.


Creating multiple keys

If you do want to create multiple keys for different parts of your organization or different software use cases:

  • Click Create Key or Create Oauth Client again, and
  • Repeat steps 5 - 6 to create further keys.

Activating your access keys

By default, keys are created in an inactive state. You can use the Activate/Deactivate button for each key to update its status from the Access Keys page.

Validating your newly-activated access key

You can check that your newly activated key is working correctly for accessing Shipium's APIs by following the details for the appropriate type of authentication on the following pages:

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