Track Shipments

Get detailed updates on tracking events for shipments.

About shipment tracking

Shipment tracking is a critical aspect of the ecommerce experience and part of Shipium's Track and Trace services. The Shipment Tracking API enables tracking of any shipments generated as part of Shipium's Carrier and Method Selection service.

You can use this API to search for single or bulk registered tracking events. By default, all tracking events are included for single and bulk searches. However, you can easily exclude events. The Shipment Tracking API documentation provides details.

The Shipment Tracking API takes a carrier identifier (ID) in addition to one or more carrier tracking IDs for that carrier, and conducts a boolean query to either request (a) the current status of the package(s), or (b) the current package status along with a full tracking event history. This eliminates the need for integration with multiple carrier APIs for shipment tracking.

You also may be interested in registering a webhook for automatic tracking event notifications. You can find details in Use Webhooks for Tracking.

For information about tracking shipments not generated in the Shipium system, you can refer to Track Non-Shipium Shipments.

Use the Shipment Tracking API

Use cases and sample calls are outlined in the Shipment Tracking API documentation:


Your Shipium team member is available to help along the way. However, you might find these resources helpful: