Contact Shipium Support

Submit tickets for issue resolution via our Shipium customer support Help Center.

About Shipium Support

Although we strive to make sure you never need to contact Shipium for customer support, issues can arise that you need help to resolve. These can range from questions and minor issues, to major system outages.

For help resolving your issue, you can consult the Troubleshooting Guide. For issues that require Shipium's action, you'll need to submit a Help Center ticket.

This section describes:

  • How we prioritize requests for support
  • How to raise a support ticket


Shipium customer support Help Center

To submit a Help Center request, you must raise a customer support ticket.

πŸ”— Go to Shipium Customer Support ticketing system.

Your ticket will automatically be assigned to a Shipium team member with the expertise to help resolve the problem.

About the priority levels

When you submit your Help Center ticket, you'll be asked to assign a priority level to it.

If your issue isSelectWhat will happen
🚨 Related to an outage or other major issue requiring 24-hour supportPriority level 1 (P1)This will page our team day or night, 7 days a week.
❗ An outage or other major issue, but it can be handled during business hoursPriority level 2 (P2)This will be handled like a P1, including paging and escalation, but only during business hours (M-F, 6AM Pacific - 9PM Pacific).
❓ Related to a minor issue or question about Shipium productsPriority level 3 (P3)You'll receive an answer within 24-48 hours.

How to submit a Help Center ticket

  1. Access the Help Center.

  2. Click Shipium Customer Support.

  3. Choose from two categories: Support or General.

Shipium Customer Support Landing Page

Submit a Support ticket request

Submit a Support ticket request for help with:

  • Carrier Selection (carrier selection, labels, or a specific carrier)
  • Delivery Experience (delivery promise, tracking, or other delivery experience products)
  • Shipium Console UI Problem (including both configuration and reporting)

Submit a General ticket request

Submit a General ticket request for help with:

  • Licensing and billing questions (licensing, billing, or other Shipium contractual questions)
  • Other questions (any and all other questions that don't fit into the previous category)
  • Suggesting a new feature (we want to hear your ideas)
  • Suggesting improvements (we'd love to know where we can do better)

Complete and send the customer support ticket form

After you have chosen between the Support and General categories, you'll see a form where you can provide details about your issue.

  1. Enter information about your issue in the form's fields.
  2. When you have completed the form, click Send.

The following table describes the most common fields on the form:

Field titleRequiredField description / note(s)
Email Confirmation Toβœ…The email address of the person your organization wants to receive the email confirmation of your ticket submission for this issue
Summaryβœ…A brief one-sentence-or-less summary of the issue
Priorityβœ…The priority level of the issue, with P1 being the highest and P5 being the lowest:
P1 - hard outage
P2 - affecting workflow issue
P3 - normal non-critical issue
P4 - normal low-priority issue
P5 - lowest priority issue
Contact Phone NumberThe phone number of the person your organization wishes to be the primary contact for the issue
Preferred Contactβœ…The person your organization wishes to be the primary contact for the issue
Date and Timeβœ…The date and time your organization first noticed the issue
Browserβœ…The browser in use at the time your organization first noticed the issue
Service MethodThe service method(s) affected by the issue
What functionality are you having an issue with?A dropdown menu of functionality categories you may be experiencing difficulty with:

- Carrier Config
- Label Generation
- Limits
- Manifesting
- Testing
- Unexpected Carrier Selection
- Other
List of Shipment IDsMinimum of one, or more, specific Shipium shipmentID values for affected shipments
Impacted CarriersList of impacted carriers, or All if all carriers are affected
Error CodeThe response status code and message you are receiving from Shipium (e.g., "400" and "No method available")
Impacted ShipmentsThe number of shipments affected by the issue
DescriptionA textual description of the issue
AttachmentAny relevant attachments helpful for resolving the issue

*Not all fields marked as Required are required for every issue category.

If all else fails, you can contact us by email

🚨 If there is an outage or a major issue

The best option is still to submit a ticket via our Shipium Customer Support Help Center. However, you can email us at [email protected] 24 hours a day if you have an outage or a severe issue that needs an immediate response.

This should be a method of last resort. Entering your request and marking it as P2 during business hours or P1 during non-business hours via our Help Center is the most efficient way to bring your issue to our attention.

Use the outage email information template

If you choose this method of contacting Shipium Customer Support, please send detailed information for us to address your issue. In general, you should provide the information shown below in your email.

We suggest that you copy and paste the text below as a template for your email communication:

Issue Start Date:
Issue Start Time:
System or Systems Impacted: (Carrier Selection, Label Generation, etc.)
Contact Person Submitting The Issue: Jane Customer
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: +1(206)123-4567
Problem Description:
  A detailed description of the issue that is occurring and when and how it was noticed.
Problem Impact:
  How this is impacting your company, e.g. "Many requests are timing out, meaning packers cannot get labels."
Problem Example(s):
  Some examples that will demonstrate the problem if possible. 
  This could be shipment IDs, sample calls, etc.
Problem Location:
  Where the problem is occurring. e.g. "NV FC" or "All FCs"

How we follow up an outage or major issue

After you submit your email to [email protected], you'll receive a response within 15 minutes from the person handling the issue.

If the Shipium team member addressing your problem determines they need more information to start resolving your issue, they may email you to start a conference call (or Zoom call) to discuss the issue in more detail and get information needed to resolve the problem.

If you have questions or want to report bugs or minor issues

The best option is still to submit a ticket via our Shipium Customer Support Help Center and mark it as P3 (priority 3, mid-level).

However, you can email us at [email protected].

You'll receive an answer to the question you send to Help within 24-48 hours. If you have an issue that needs to be fixed, we'll also create a ticket in our issue tracking system and provide updates to you about your particular issue.