Configuration APIs

Modify critical components of your network configuration with Shipium's Configuration APIs.

About the Configuration APIs

Shipium's Configuration APIs can provide a more convenient way to manage the configuration of your organization's Shipium account and assets within, including origins, schedules, and other elements that are used for fulfillment operations as part of other Shipium API calls, Shipium applications, and Shipium reporting tools.

If you make frequent configuration changes either because you work with many "drop ship" style fulfillment centers or warehouses or your organization supports a wide array of your own customers, then you may be interested in using the Origin Configuration API and Origin Schedule Configuration API.

While convenient, the Configuration APIs enable your organization to modify critical components of your Shipium configuration from within your software using the API call endpoints listed in this documentation. They should be used with caution.

Warning: potential negative impact on your fulfillment operations

These APIs can modify elements of your organization's network fulfillment configuration in ways that could negatively impact the production of your fulfillment operations. You should only use them if you are familiar with how any changes you make could affect your network fulfillment configuration.

Origin Configuration API

The Origin Configuration API enables you to programmatically add, remove, and make modifications to the configuration of your organization's network origins (i.e., fulfillment centers, warehouses) from your applications instead of making them through the Shipium Console. This may be particularly useful if your organization already has systems for modifying some of these settings within your own systems and wants them quickly reflected within your Shipium applications as well. Use this API to:

Guidance for using this API is in the Origin Configuration API documentation.

Origin Schedule Configuration API

An origin schedule is a schedule associated with a given origin, including shipping days of the week, processing times, shipping speeds, and holidays. These parameters impact how various Shipium applications and APIs operate. Use this API to:

Guidance for using this API is in the Origin Schedule Configuration API documentation.


Your Shipium team member is available to help along the way. However, you might find these resources helpful: