Get Started with Shipium

Shipium provides an enterprise shipping platform for modern ecommerce operations.

About Shipium's integrated supply-chain platform

Shipium helps retailers, brands, and third-party logistics (3PL) entities deliver orders fast, free, and on time with an enterprise shipping platform for ecommerce. You can learn more about the platform on our Shipium site.

Shipium's API-first approach to services can improve your organization's existing setup or replace whole parts of your system. We optimize important fulfillment processes along the entire supply chain to reduce costs, from shipping operations and execution to customer experience.

Use Shipium's services

You'll access Shipium's services via our user platform, the Shipium Console, and by calling our APIs. The Shipium Console Introduction documentation provides guidance for account configuration, and the Shipium APIs Introduction documents include use cases and technical details for our APIs.

Getting started entails:

  1. setting up your organization's account within the Shipium Console; and
  2. creating an authentication method for your organization.

You also can find more information about Shipium's services in our product and feature documents:

Get answers to your questions

If you have questions related to this documentation, please email [email protected]. We generally respond within 48 hours.

You might find these resources helpful:

Additional resources

For more information about Shipium's platform, see the following resources:

  • Ecommerce Supply Chain Playbook. A collection of the best approaches to common ecommerce supply-chain situations, codified into a playbook for operations professionals

  • The Shipium Framework. Our guided blueprint on how to scale ecommerce operations and move through the four stages of ecommerce operations - grow, own, optimize, and scale