Shipium Reporting Applications

Shipium Reporting Applications


Shipium Report Application Layout

One of the key features of Shipium is all of the reports that exist to help you better understand your business, Customers and operations. While this guide will not cover each report individually, we will introduce you to the key elements that you can expect to find in any Shipium reporting application.

In the above screenshot, we have labeled the two major elements that will appear on any of the reporting applications.

  • Report Options Menu – At the top of any reporting page will be the Report Options Menu, which contains all of the controls for the report you are looking at. We will get into this in more detail in the section [Shipium Reporting Configuration](doc:shipium-reporting-configuration, but generally you will be able to set things like date range, filters and what level of aggregation you would like.

  • Report Panels – In any given Reporting Application, you will have one or more representations of the data specified by the report and any options you set in the Shipium Reporting Configuration. These might be graphical – like a bar or line chart – or they might be text – like a table or list. Each of these data representations appears in its own section on the page, which we refer to as "Report Panels".