Carrier Schedule

Control carrier schedule selection associated with the inclusion of a desired delivery date or business days of transit.

About carrier schedules

When your organization includes a desired delivery date (DDD) or business days of transit (BDOT) in your API call request for carrier selection or label generation, selection of a sooner delivery date can result in a carrier schedule selection that needs to be adjusted for optimum shipment results. The carrier schedule enables your organization to better control which carrier is selected to pick up your package from your fulfillment center, when specifying DDD or BDOT in your carrier selection and/or label generation.

Using this feature allows your organization to reduce the amount of packages that sit in your fulfillment center or other point of origin facility overnight, and to adhere to the BDOT established for a specific shipment.

Why adjusting carrier schedule is a good idea when including DDD or BDOT

The established carrier schedule will remove the carrier/method from the rate selection process after the daily cutoff time has been reached. If no carrier schedule has been created, then the system will default to the origin Last Pull Time to determine if a shipment is eligible for a ship date of today versus tomorrow.

After all the cutoff times have passed, the carriers/methods including origin schedules have passed, all carriers/methods will be eligible again.

Adjust carrier schedule in the Shipium Console

You can access your organization's network settings and adjust your desired carrier schedule in the Shipium Console. You establish the days of the week and holidays that the carrier is scheduled to pick up from your point of origin. You also establish the cutoff times by carrier and/or method for each day of the week as well as any exceptions to the saved schedule.


These values will be effective immediately and will remain in place until updated and saved with new values.


Your Shipium team member is available to help along the way. However, you might find these resources helpful: