Ensure you have provided required credentials to ship with Global-e.

Global-e credential requirements

Prior to shipping with Global-e, you must configure credentials in the Shipium Console. You'll provide a globally unique identifier (GUID) for Global-e Merchant ID and a hub ID for Global-e Hub Code. Test Mode credentials are optional.

For single-parcel shipments, the following additional required fields should be nested in the shipmentParameters property. For multi-parcel shipments, they should be included in multiParcelShipmentParameters.

Reference FieldRequired/OptionalField PropertiesDescription
carrierProcessingIdRequiredStringYou'll provide the order ID that was generated when the order was placed.
Example: 123454321
String passed to carriers as a reference; a unique identifier you'll pass to identify the shipment; limited to 20 characters

A snippet of the JSON request for the API call with the required fields is included. This example is for a single-parcel shipment. A multi-parcel shipment would be included in multiParcelShipmentParameters.

"shipmentParameters": {

   "carrierProcessingId": "string",
   "referenceIdentifier": "123454321",


Your Shipium team member is available to help along the way. However, you might find these resources helpful: