Your Shipium Account

Set up and maintain your organization's account in the Shipium Console.

Create your Shipium account

For any service, your organization will set up a Shipium account in the Shipium Console. To access the console, you'll first need to set up Authentication for your organization's account users.

To create your organization's Shipium account:

  1. Create an API key (API key; or OAuth 2.0) by using the Shipium Console application. You can read more about the console in Shipium Console Introduction.
  2. Follow the procedures in the API Key-Based Authentication / OAuth 2.0-Based Authentication documentation. Both are industry-standard protocols for authorization, and your organization may have a preferred authentication method.
  3. OPTIONAL: Authenticate via OAuth 2.0 to get what is needed for the OAuth 2.0-based calls.
  4. Make the API calls using your preferred authentication method.


For more information about Authentication

See Authentication for more information about:


Your Shipium team member is available to help along the way. However, you might find these resources helpful: