Track and Trace

Configure your account to use Shipium's Track and Trace services.

About Track and Trace

Track and Trace empowers your organization to provide your customer the latest details on shipment progress, with a tracking system that tracks orders from order placement to delivery. You can:

  • track shipments created with Shipium's Carrier and Method Selection service;
  • use webhooks to automatically receive tracking event updates; and
  • track shipments not generated via Shipium's Carrier and Method Selection.

This guide provides Shipium’s recommended steps for using Track and Trace services, both setting up your organization’s account and using the tracking APIs.

Set up Track and Trace for your organization

To start using Track and Trace, you’ll need to work with your dedicated Shipium team member.

Track shipments

Instead of trying to integrate with multiple carrier APIs to provide tracking event updates for your customers, you can integrate with a single Shipium API. The Track Shipments document provides more information.

Track non-Shipium shipments

For organizations who would like to use the Shipment Tracking API for shipments not generated via Carrier and Method Selection, Shipium provides methods for registering single shipments or registering multiple shipments in bulk. You can find more information in the Track Non-Shipium Shipments documentation.

Use webhooks to receive tracking updates

Webhooks are a convenient way for your organization to be notified automatically of tracking event updates, eliminating the need to repeatedly call the Shipment Tracking API to check a tracking event status.

You can find guidance for registering a webhook within the Shipium system in the Use Webhooks for Tracking documentation.


Your Shipium team member is available to help along the way. However, you might find these resources helpful: