Shipium Configuration

Shipium Configuration Menu


Shipium Configuration Menu

As part of the Shipium Console Sidebar, you will find a category of items titled Configure. This is where you can make changes to the set-up of your organization's settings related to company-wide settings, volume estimates, fulfillment locations and other critical information used as part of the operation of your Shipium products.

Shipium Configuration Items

In general, there are two different types of configuration information that you will be asked to provide.

Some of it will be about projections for your business, such as the product page view estimates below. This is information that is used to help us prepare for the peaks that are a part of almost every retail business, even if those peaks may occur at different times for different sectors.


Shipium Configuration Example: Product Page View Estimates

Other information significantly impacts the operation of the Shipium software and should be kept up to date, but should be rarely changed. For instance, you probably rarely add new fulfillment centers into your fulfillment network, but when you do they must be updated in the Fulfillment Network portion of Configure.

A Note about Times


Shipium Configuration: Reporting Configuration

A reminder that unless you see otherwise on a particular report or application component, there are two major time settings that are global across Shipium Applications and Reports. The first is the Reporting Timezone, which is the default timezone for all reporting for your organization. This controls what a day looks like (midnight-to-midnight of the Reporting Timezone) and what defines a week in reporting tools (Monday-to-Monday v. Sunday-to-Sunday).

These configurations are provided to help sync how Shipium shows data with how data is reported at your organization.