Shipium Carrier Selection Configuration

Carrier Selection Configuration: The Big Pieces

Carrier Configuration

The first step toward using Shipium's Carrier Selection product is setting up your carriers. There are two major steps: adding carrier accounts and then associating one or more shipping methods (e.g., ground, express) with each account. When setting up an account, you'll also associate it with zero or more fulfillment centers (FCs) so that its ship methods will be considered when generating shipments for those FCs.

You can see your organization's configured carrier accounts (and set up new accounts) by logging into the Shipium Console and selecting first Configure and then Fulfillment Configuration from the lefthand navigation menu.

Within Fulfillment Configuration you'll scroll down to Carrier Configuration, which includes Carrier Accounts.

Adding Carrier Accounts

When you first sign up with Shipium or when you add a new shipping carrier, you'll need to add a new carrier account.

You can find the details for this process here: Shipium Carrier Selection: Adding a Carrier Account.

Adding Carrier Service Methods

Once a carrier has been created, you'll need to add one or more service methods to it in order to be able to use it. Over time, you may also decide to use new service methods for an existing carrier – the process is the same.

You can find the details for adding service methods here: Shipium Carrier Selection: Adding a Carrier Service Method.

Label Configuration

For each of your carriers, you'll need to configure label settings for each FC. Until you have configured the label settings, you won't be able to print labels.

Configure your label settings here: Shipium Carrier Selection: Label Configuration.

Packaging Configuration

If you're using Carrier Selection or package selection services, you'll likely want to set up packaging sizes so that you can refer to them by ID or use FC defaults in place of passing a list of package sizes each time.

You can configure your package sizes and FC package size mixes here: Shipium Carrier Selection: Configuring Package Sizes.