Carrier Network

Integrate with Shipium's network of carriers and delivery service methods.

About Shipium's carrier network

When you need a new carrier or service not yet available, we integrate it for you. Once a carrier is added to your account, it is immediately propagated to your entire network on the Shipium platform.


Shipium is a trusted UPS Ready® certified partner for high volume shippers.

Pre-integrated carriers allow you to integrate our APIs and add label generation or shipment tracking to your tech stack. You can also swap your existing API endpoints for our APIs instead. In addition, you have access to self-service tools to add new carrier contracts and rates to your account.

You can find Shipium's network of carriers in the Supported Carriers documentation.

Specific carrier services and requirements

Shipium offers guidance for specific carrier services beyond the typical shipment service methods. In addition, some carriers require specific information that Shipium must collect in calls to our APIs. Those required fields are provided in individual carrier documentation.


You can create FedEx® shipping labels for the service methods and packaging types listed in the FedEx document.

One of those service methods is FedEx One Rate, a flat-rate shipping option that lets your organization ship packages that weigh 50 pounds or less to anywhere in the U.S. for a fixed price. To designate FedEx One Rate as your shipping method, you can refer to the FedEx document.


Prior to shipping with Global-e, you must configure required credentials in the Shipium Console. You can find guidance in the Global-e documentation.

UPS account upgrade

UPS is making changes to its system and is requiring its customers to upgrade their accounts by June 2024 to integrate with the new UPS system. Shipium has updated our platform to support this UPS upgrade, but you'll need to configure changes for your UPS account as well.

Please ask your Shipium representative to assist you with this upgrade.

USPS Direct

To start using USPS Direct service methods within the Shipium platform, you'll need to ensure your account is authorized to interact with USPS's APIs. You can find guidance in the USPS Direct documentation.


Your Shipium team member is available to help along the way. However, you might find these resources helpful: