Shipment Labels

Configure your account to use Shipium's Shipment Label service.

About Shipment Labels

The Shipment Label service enables your organization to purchase postage and retrieve a label image for a given carrier and ship method. To establish preferred label settings, you can refer to the Label Configuration documentation, which provides guidance for setting up label preferences and any desired label augmentations in the Shipium Console.


Test mode for label generation

Including testMode = "true" in your call to the Carrier Label Service API enables generation of labels for testing purposes, so that your account will not be charged.

This guide provides the use cases, with links to technical documentation, for the Shipment Label API. You can read more about our shipping APIs on our website. For a list of the carriers in our network, see Supported Carriers.

Use the Shipment Label service


Set up your account

To use the Shipment Labels service, you must first set up your Shipium account. You can find out how in Get Started with Shipium.

Use cases and sample calls are outlined in the Shipment Label API documentation:

Additional options for shipment labels

Some cases require additional consideration, such as customizing a shipping label to include organization-specific information. These use cases are described below. For use cases that exceed the guidance provided in this documentation, please reach out to your Implementation or Customer Success team member.

Label configuration

Label testing and printing without costing

  • Label test mode. Retrieve labels for validation and testing without being charged by the carriers.
  • Labels without costing. Generate shipping labels without having to provide costing information like carrier service method rates.

Returns and voids

  • Return labels. Provide a return shipping label to enable your customers to send back products.
  • Void a label. Call the void API endpoint on a carrier label to void it.


Your Shipium team member is available to help along the way. However, you might find these resources helpful: