What is Shipium?

Shipium is a supply chain platform for ecommerce, providing a number of services that each individually help improve decision making to speed up delivery while reducing your costs of fulfillment. Our world-class supply chain technology bridges your existing frontend systems with backend operations in a way that reduces costs, empowers a competitive customer experience, and wrangles operational complexity.

Shipium's API-first approach to services can improve your existing setup or replace whole parts of your system. We optimize important fulfillment processes along the entire supply chain to reduce costs. This will improve your customers' delivery experiences to increase cart conversion and improve loyalty.


Shipium connects delivery promises before purchase with the processes of fulfillment and shipping after the purchase:

  • Delivery promise data modeling on the PDP and cart checkout workflows.

  • "Fulfillment plan" logic across a set of multiple nodes (for example: FCs, carriers, SKUs and boxes).

  • Selecting the best carrier method at the end of the fulfillment process.


For more details, see:

  • Ecommerce Supply Chain Playbook - a collection of the best approaches to common ecommerce supply chain situations, codified into a playbook for operations professionals.

  • The Shipium Framework - our guided blueprint on how to scale ecommerce operations and move through the four stages of ecommerce operations.


ShipTime API is in Alpha state

While this documentation is correct for Shipium's initial Alpha, additional functionality will be added later and this documentation will reflect those updates.

If you have any questions

If you have questions related to this documentation, please email out to [email protected]. We generally respond within 48 hours.

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