UPS Account Upgrade

Ensure your UPS account is registered and verified.

About the UPS required account upgrade

UPS is making changes to its system and is requiring its customers to upgrade their accounts by June 2024 to integrate with the new UPS system. Shipium has updated our platform to support this UPS upgrade, but you'll need to configure changes for your UPS account as well.


Confirm your account number

Log in to your UPS account and confirm that it is the account you wish to use with Shipium prior to providing the account number to Shipium.

To complete the transition for you and your customers, all UPS accounts will need to be registered through UPS’s new system. Your Implementation team member will assist you with this process, which entails confirming the UPS account you wish to use with Shipium and validating the account through a registration link that UPS provides.

Configure your UPS account with Shipium

To configure your UPS account within the Shipium platform, you'll first need to confirm the account number associated with your login. The UPS Log In homepage is where you'll log in to verify the account.

Your Implementation team member will request the login and number of the account to get started.

Next, you'll receive the registration link URL via email from your Implementation team member.

When you click on the link, you’ll be directed to log in to your UPS account and verify registration. You’ll need to check the box indicating that you agree to the UPS Technology Agreement and you authorize Shipping Connection Service to access your UPS account before logging in to your account.

Once registration is done, you’ll receive a message notifying you that your UPS registration was successful. You'll close that tab and return to the Shipium Console to complete setup.

Your Implementation team member can check the status of your registration verification for you.


Q: What if I don't already have a UPS account?

A: You can create a new UPS account and follow the guidance in this document once you have a UPS account.


Your Shipium team member is available to help along the way. However, you might find these resources helpful: